When you own a business, you want to reduce your losses as much as possible, and you could be losing money due to shipping problems. If you have ever experienced a late shipment, you could be reimbursed for your delivery delay. Every week you have a choice: you can put money back into your business, or essentially give it away. Most companies choose to give it away because they are unaware of our parcel audit service.

Did you know that our parcel audit company will refund your shipping expenses when your delivery is late? Our shipment monitoring services track your orders to determine which shipments are late. By determining how many of your shipments are late, our shipping audits calculate how much money you are owed in refunds.

Unfortunately, the process of filing a claim for your late shipments is laborious and complicated. If you do not file your claim within 15 days of your late shipment, then you may not receive a refund. However, our parcel audit service not only tracks your shipments but also files the claims you are entitled to receive in a timely manner. This means that you can focus on running your business while we do the paperwork for you.  Your credits show up on your next FedEx or UPS bill, and Parcel Savior splits the refund money with you. Not only is our parcel audit service easy to use and efficient, but we also help you obtain the money that you deserve.

Last year, more than $2 Billion of shipping refunds went unclaimed!

Approximately 9-11% of all “express” packages are late.

Even if your shipment is late by one minute, you and your business are entitled to a complete refund. Sign up for our shipping audit services so that you can receive your money today.