Is there any contract with Parcel Savior?

No! If for any reason you would like Parcel Savior to stop your shipment audits, simply email us for us to do so – no questions asked.

How much does this cost us?

Only 50% of whatever we get credited back to you. We only get paid after you get paid first, which means free money for you.

Does Parcel Savior receive the refund and then forwards a portion to my company?

Not at all. Any shipping refund that we get for you is credited directly to your FedEx / UPS invoice or credit card by your carrier. At the end of each month, we will send you a report detailing how much money in credits we were able to put back into your FedEx / UPS account. We will then invoice you for a percentage of the money we put back into your pocket. Parcel Savior receives nothing until your carrier has already credited your account.

How can you tell what I ship each week?

Once you sign up on and authorize us to track your shipments, your carrier(s) provide us the information each day in order for us to properly audit your shipments. We file through each of your invoices from your carrier(s) to ensure that each package you paid for arrived on time, and if there is a package that arrives late, we get to work ensuring you receive the refund that you are owed.

Do I need to be checking up on this every week?

Not at all! You sign up and we do all the heavy lifting. Each month we will send you a report of all of the money that you earned back.

How do you audit our shipments?

Our parcel audits use our own automated process as well as some in-house unsung heroes that work behind the scenes. We find all of the refunds that you’re obligated to and fight for those refunds on your behalf.

How much should we expect back each month?

Roughly 10% of all express packages are at least sixty seconds late, and therefore you’re entitled to roughly 10% of your express transportation cost. FedEx and UPS both have Money Back Guarantees for all of their shipments, and we’re put in place to help them honor those obligations.

We use both FedEx and UPS, can we expect refunds for both?

Yes! We work directly with both of these companies.

How about DHL?

Unfortunately we have not started working with DHL yet.

Do I receive a notification whenever I receive a refund?

You will receive an email at the end of each month from Parcel Savior detailing how much money in refunds we were able to get.

Will this affect my relationship with my carrier?

Not at all. By shipping with FedEx or UPS, they guarantee all of their shipments. If the guarantee is not met, they promise to refund the transportation cost. So you are not receiving any special treatment.

Where can I view my carriers Money-Back Guarantee Policy?

You can view it straight from their website!


How do I sign up?

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