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Signing up for our parcel audit only takes a minute. You never have to log back on. It’s that easy. Simply fill out our form so that you can create your parcel audit account, and we begin to monitor your shipments.

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Our shipment monitoring services also help determine how you can reduce your shipping costs.  We monitor your Ground and Express shipments so you don’t have to. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll never have to engage in the painstaking task of filing a refund claim to receive your money again.

Our only fee is 50%
No monthly fee – No setup fee – No cancellation fee


All you have to do is simply sign up for our shipping audit services. Once you’ve authorized us to track your shipments, your carriers provide us with the information we need to correctly audit your shipments. Each package shipped through your carriers is monitored to ensure that it arrives on time. Our parcel auditing service then files claims for any shipments that are late. You are reimbursed for your late shipments without having to file any time-consuming or confusing claims forms. Parcel Savior uses an automated process to ensure that you receive your shipping refunds as quickly and as easily as possible.

There are absolutely no fees for signing up with Parcel Savior. We only charge 50% of whatever we earn back for you. So basically, you’re getting free money with no risk at all. What are you waiting for? Sign up for Parcel Savior today to receive the money that you deserve!