common-mistakesIf you own a business, then you deal with shipments to a certain extent. For example, hair salon owners depend upon shipments of beauty supplies and products to use on their clients and auto repair shops depend upon product shipments for car parts. If you own an ecommerce store, then you rely on shipping companies to deliver your goods to your customers. For our ecommerce clients, here are some common shipping mistakes that your business needs to avoid in order to become even more successful:

Provide Your Customers With Options

Provide at least a few different shipping options for your customers to choose from when purchasing your products. Some of your customers might prefer to have their products shipped for free or for low costs despite the fact that these shipments take longer to arrive. However, some customers might be on a time crunch and need their products in a relatively short amount of time and are willing to pay for higher shipping costs. By providing your customers with a few different shipping options, you are able to meet their particular needs and they will be more likely to return to your site and shop again.

Take Customer Feedback Into Considerationdelivery

If your customers are complaining about shipping problems, then maybe you need to switch to a different company. On the flip side, if your clients express delight in the quick delivery of your products, then you could even consider using a slightly slower and cheaper delivery process.

Our Parcel Audits

Use The Correct Sized Packaging

Although packaging can get expensive, it’s important to ship your goods in the correct packaging. After all, your packaging is not just protecting your product but it also reflects your company’s brand. Avoid shipping your products in packaging that is too small in order to save money. Additionally, you always want to use protection such as bubble wrap to prevent your products from breaking.

Take Time To Research Shipping Costs

Research different shipping companies to see what kind of additional charges you might incur such as fuel surcharges, delivery surcharges, and Saturday delivery charges. After all, the last thing you want to do is pay for a delivery feature that is not important to you or to your customers.

Track Your Shipping Supplies

Oftentimes businesses manage their product inventory but do not keep track of their shipping supplies. You cannot ship your products to your customers without using shipping supplies, so shipping supplies are important to keep track of. If you run out of shipping supplies, you could delay your product shipments to your customers. Prevent this mistake by keeping track of your shipping supplies.

Audit Your Shipments

Use our parcel audit service to keep track of your shipments so that you are reimbursed for any late shipments. If your product deliveries are even one minute late, then you are entitled to a shipping refund. If you don’t audit your shipments, then you are essentially throwing money down the drain. Parcel savior does all the hard work for you by keeping track of your shipments and by filling out all the forms in order for you to receive your reimbursement. Auditing your shipments is a no-brainer, so sign up for our shipping audits today.