Partner with Parcel Savior


Receive 30 Percent Of Anything Parcel Savior Would Make

Parcel Savior invoices its clients 50 percent of all money refunded back to its clients.

If Parcel Savior processes $2000 in shipping refund credits for a client, Parcel Savior would invoice the client for $1000 and pass $300 on to our partner.


This Partnership Exists For The Life Of The Account

As long as clients are using Parcel Savior for its parcel-auditing services, they will receive money based on the credits we are able to issue to them.


Receive Monthly Payments (Checks)

At the end of each month, you will receive payment for credits issued to the clients that you refer to Parcel Savior.


You’re Issued A Promo Code To Give Clients

The clients receive one free month of shipping audits and the promo code identifies YOU as the partner who signed them up.