trust-2If your business ships packages frequently, then you could benefit from Parcel Savior’s shipment monitoring services. When you use Fedex or UPS to ship your products, you are entitled to a full refund if your shipment is even a minute late. However, you must file confusing paperwork within fifteen days of the late shipment. Many companies are unaware of this process, and lose money. Find out how you can save money with our parcel monitoring company below:

trust3Late Shipments

We monitor your shipments and do all the paperwork for you in a timely fashion so that you receive your refund. Leave the hassle of the paperwork to us, and you’ll save money big time! Roughly ten percent of all express delivery packages are delivered late, so we make sure that you claim your refund. Did you know that over a billion dollars of shipping refunds were unclaimed last year? Don’t lose your hard-earned money!

Shipment Monitoring

When we monitor your accounts, we’ll know when a third party is using your account without your permission. We’ll alert you right away, preventing a major financial loss for your company. Additionally, we’ll monitor your accounts to ensure that you are being charged the correct price for your shipments.

Monthly Reports

Every month, you receive a detailed shipping report displaying your shipping patterns and refunds for your examination. These easy to read reports give you the information you need to save you money. Are you interested in our shipment monitoring service? Sign up for parcel savior today!